The Best Hair Dryer For Blowouts

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  1. Kendra

    Hi Jes!
    Doing a goggle search on ‘ best hair dryers for blowouts’ your website came up. I’m trying decided what’s the best hair dryer for natural African American hair (to get it really straight). I was told either Twin Turbo or Salano. Do you have insite on either.


    1. Jes Rotoli

      Hey Kendra,

      I’m so glad you you found my site. Your hair texture is one of my favorites to blowout, I love watching the transformation from curly to straight. I have both a Solano and Twin Turbo and love them. For you texture I would get the Twin Turbo 3500. It’s stronger than the Twin Turbo 3200. The 3500 has a stronger airflow which will help get your hair straighter, faster. Use the concentrator nozzle on the end of the hair dryer when you are blowing out your hair.

      Also make sure you are using a product that will protect your hair from heat, and help smooth it out. Oribe Royal Blowout, blowout spray is on the pricey side, but it works wonders on hair that you want to get super straight and fight frizz.

      I hope you love the hair dryer. I have had mine for almost 8 years and still use it almost every day. It will last you a while. Send me another message if you need anything else.

      -Jes XOXO


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